We have adopted proven industry standards to safely and quickly disinfect surfaces contaminated by the coronavirus. 

We use EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectants. These are effective against a host of dangerous pathogens, including the coronavirus, and can be applied to almost any surface.

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Mobile Sandblasting

Mobile Sandblasting services are very useful to remove any dirt, paint or other substance to prepare the surface for painting. With the help of Mobile Sandblasting, you’ll have a nice refreshed look for your concrete and brick. Colorado Mobile Sandblasting uses specialized equipment that sprays abrasive materials.   Using high pressure and hoses we will force coarse sand through with compressed air.  This sand will hit the surface of the object and clean it right up.  Sandblasting is the process of removing a thin layer with sand under high pressure. 

Sometimes illegal graffiti and spray paint make the surface ugly. Your beautiful painted surfaces become unattractive which presents an undesirable look. Are you worried about complex graffiti removal? No need to worry.. Colorado Mobile Sandblasting is always there for you to get rid of the graffitied areas of Eastern Utah and Grand Junction. We offer the best techniques for graffiti removal locally.

We, Colorado Mobile Sandblasting and Paint Removal have a professional mobile sandblasting business in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Eastern Utah. Our goal is to provide you with the best services at the local level. Our professionals are always striving for customer satisfaction. Use the experts at Colorado Mobile Sandblasting who are always looking for your satisfaction. We do work for small as well as large projects too. Our experienced staff are here to help you and will exceed your expectations at Colorado Mobile Sandblasting. 

Automotive Wheel Sandblasting beforeAutomotive Wheel Rust removal after

Sandblasting Wheels

The roadways and dirt take a toll on our vehicle’s rims.  The constant grinding combined with the constant splashing of water and you are looking for disaster.  The dust and rainwater make the wheels dirty.  With this constant rubbing and wearing the rust soon begins.  It happens quickly, but soon the rims are loaded with rust.   These are ugly and make your car look old.  But you don’t need to worry, Mobile Sandblasting is there for you. We have the best equipment and we can sandblast and paint them to give them the finish that you deserve. Our goal is to provide you with the best services in Eastern Utah and Grand Junction, for your rusted rims which will look better than ever. We will provide you finished rims that can resist weather, corrosion, and chemicals even for years to come.

Mesa County Fairgrounds Concrete Block paint Removal BeforeMesa County Fairgrounds Concrete Block paint Removal After
Concrete Construction Sandblasting Preparation

Commercial Sandblasting

As a real estate owner or agent, you are always looking for the best, attractive and colorful walls. But you always face problems removing concrete, sand, and fungus to have a smooth surface for painting. Colorado mobile sandblasting comes up with the best solution for these problems. All the uneven areas and particles that are attached to the concrete will be removed. We have the best sandblasting surfaces to clean layers of dust, grime, old paint, and grease as well. We will provide you a shining and smooth surface. It will be easy to get whatever you are working on attractive again. 

We also provide pavement and driveway sandblasting to get the drive looking its very best.  This is great for surface preparation for painting or staining as well.  If you have old paint on the concrete that is flaking off, not a problem, we are happy to help.  Getting paint off from the concrete is no match for our sandblasting techniques.

Handrail Paint RemovalHandrail after Paint sandblasting and repainting
Automotive Sandblasting on a Hood Automotive sandblasting Hood after

Metal Stripping Sandblasting

There are many ways to strip metal.  Most people think of metal shipping by way of chemicals.  However, sandblasting is a wonderful green solution to this issue.  We are a green company that only uses eco-friendly sandblasting techniques.  Colorado Mobile Sandblasting ensures your health first. Colorado mobile sandblasting offers our excellent service to strip your metal surfaces from rust.   This makes it easy to be painted later. The smooth painting surface improves the look of your property. 

We offer car Colorado mobile sandblasting services that are great for improving the look of your vehicle.  If you have rust patches or surface rust, sandblasting can perform magic and bring those surfaces back to life.  We strive to provide you with the best car and vehicle sandblasting services in Colorado, Eastern Utah, and Grand Junction.   We also ensure the security of your property as well as the very best outcome.

Concrete Sandblasting Paint Removal BeforeConcrete Paint Removal after

Pavement sandblasting

A clean path always attracts us but it is very difficult to maintain the very neat and clean tracks. You are always thinking about how to get rid of these dirty pavements. Colorado mobile sandblasting is always there to help you to get rid of dirty paths. The traffic, foot traffic, and trees above paths add dirt which leads to slippery paths. They lead to the organic growth of unwanted plants, weeds, and other plants as well. But we provide you the best sandblasting services to have a very clear clean inviting path. Our best sandblasting services helps get your paths looking their best.

Fire damage Sandblasting beforeBrick sandblasting after

Residential paint removal

It is important to us that our homes look nice and inviting. Having a rusty roofline is an eyesore. But, we have a solution.  Metal siding is painted but you want a new look.  Having it sandblasted before you paint again is a great way to start your new look.   Colorado mobile sandblasting is there to remove paint and to provide you the best service for painting. These smooth and totally unpainted surfaces will help you to enjoy the real look of your new color combinations. 

Are you confused about mobile sandblasting? Not quite sure if this is the service you need?  Give us a call.  We are happy to listen to your current situation and offer some suggestions.  Our goal is to provide you the best guidance and services we have to offer.  We will provide you the best sandblasting services in Grand Junction, Colorado, and Eastern Utah.